Travel Resources

Everyone needs some handy resources in their travel arsenal!  Here are some of our favorites that have been consistently helpful in planning our travels:

TripAdvisor:  this site is great for finding honest reviews of hotels, restaurants, hiking trails, things to do, etc.  The one caveat for this site is I always take their reviews with a grain of salt.  Some people have ridiculously high standards and are just never happy, but if a review is consistent in complaints or praise I think it’s safe to say they’re valid.

Moon Guidebooks:  I didn’t realize how much I used these until I lined up all my travel guides and realized that 80% are Moon.  The one thing about guidebooks is that they are all written by different authors.  Therefore while some may be great, others may leave a little to be desired.  So I typically check the reviews on Amazon.  Speaking of Amazon, oftentimes you can purchase used versions of travel guidebooks for a fraction of the cost.  They may be an older addition, but since fees for attractions and hotels change all the time I always end up checking them on the internet before booking just to confirm the cost.

Lonely Planet and Fodors Guidebooks:  I don’t purchase these as much as Moon Guidebooks, but I have still found them to be another reliable source for traveling.  See the Amazon tips above for purchasing.

Road Trip America:  I am kind of addicted to this site.  Their forums are fantastic for gleaning road trip information from routes, to destinations, to tips.  A lot of information from road trip aficionados can be found here.

Road Trippers:  Initially I was a big fan of this site, but sometimes it can be a pain to map out a road trip so it has fallen in favor with me.  That being said, I still use it to find road side attractions, lodging suggestions, etc.  So it is definitely worth a look.

Pinterest:  I have found many fabulous suggestions on here.  I love being able to create separate boards for every trip and other boards for general travel advice.  Although we have learned a lot over the years, there are always new and useful ideas out there.

Instagram:  It’s not just for photo sharing!  Look up hashtags for places you want to visit and I promise you will find lots of ideas and reviews.  Plus there is always fantastic eye candy on there when it comes to landscape photography.  That is inspiration enough for me!