Beauty Must Haves

Let’s face it, travel can sometimes wreck havoc on our bodies.  Too much fun I guess.  But that doesn’t mean you have to completely suffer.  Here are some of my favorite beauty must haves for when we travel:

  1. Moisturizer  with brand spectrum SPF
  2. Sun Block
  3. Vitamin E oil (Trader Joe’s sells it by the bottle for a good price):  I add it to my lotion when we are in higher elevations to avoid dry itchy skin.
  4. Coconut oil:  I use this on my eyelids and under my eyes daily to prevent dry scaly skin.  One of the perks of getting older I guess!  I put this in a small little Tupperware container that you would use for sauces or dressings.  This also works well if your kids get extremely dry or chapped skin.  My son’s hands and face have a tendency to get chapped when we are in the mountains in the winter due to the cold, dry air.  The benefit of coconut oil is it doesn’t sting like lotion can.
  5. Bandana:  I have naturally curly hair.  Crazy, frizzy at times, thick curly hair.  Trust me, I’m not bragging.  It’s a beast and any curly haired gal will most likely tell you the same thing.  When traveling sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it.  Plus we don’t always have access to a shower when we camp.  A bun is great, but when you have frizz there tends to be an unattractive halo of it around your face (#nothot).  This is where the bandana comes in handy.  Throw that bad boy around your head like a headband and frizz is instantly tamed.  Chances are if you see a photo of me on the blog or our IG and I have a bandana on, I’m more than likely sporting the dirty frizzy ‘do.  Please don’t judge!
  6. Q-tips:  they just work for everything!  Life is better with Q-tips.
  7. Nail file:  my hands get dry when we travel and then my nails take a hit.  I’m not someone who does her nails, but I can’t stand a snaggy fingernail.  So I learned a long time ago to just keep a nail file in my bag.
  8. A good concealer:  Some of those early mornings, middle of the night bear visits to your campground, or hotel beds can leave a girl with less than eight hours of sleep and some extra bags under her eyes.  Concealer to the rescue!  Personally I prefer Nars’ water based concealer.  It seems to do a good job without being too thick and dry.
  9. Makeup:  I  may not wear it every single day of travel, but I do most days.  I have a weird reason why:  I see every trip as a potential Christmas card photo op.  Again, please don’t judge lol!
  10. Chapstick:  not only does the skin around my eyes and my body dry out when I travel, so do  my lips.  I like the tinted Vaseline or Soft Lips brand.